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BS, CRJ & Law
PACE University
Public Policy, Criminal Law, Constitutional Issues in CRJ, Integrity Issues, Government Administration, Community Relations, Research Methods

A leader in digital transformation; and an expert in business systems.

My passion for business analytics began in 2009 when I started my career working for the United States Federal Government. During my time at SDNY I worked on a legacy system upgrade and transformation. Since that experience I have become versed in trending applications and technology evolution. Evidence proves BI systems are an essential part of how organizations increase productivity, develop opportunities and make sales. I have taken invaluable experiences built on my technical skills and will continue to maintain my knowledge so I can be a resource to my peers.

Now I have the privilege of using my communication skills to educate coworkers and technically passionate people about technology transformation.

“Business in New York is not just a trend it’s a lifestyle an evolution of constant technology transformation.” Melissa Joos 

Manage teams to produce high-quality deliverables under aggressive deadlines.

FAVORITE AUTHOR: William Shakespeare

Versed in Microsoft Office 365 applications/products, and a subject matter expert in Microsoft Dynamics. 

May 2016 - Present

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Melissa Jo​os

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Professional Skills

Excel in understanding and teaching peers about technology trends, and how to streamline process'.  

Digital Transformation Expert


MS, MPA Business operations & Human Resources
Policy Analysis, Business Systems, Infrastructure, Design, Management & Operations, Statistics, Economics, Organizational Theory

Professional Experience


PKF O'connor Davies LLP
CRM Coordinator 
  • CRM Subject Matter Expert; Customization & Configuration (Finance, Business Development, Marketing). 
  • Workflow customization, Strategy, Optimization & Communication of Best Practices. 
April 2015 - May 2016
Cohnreznick llp 
CRM Analyst & Innovation Lab coordinator 
  • Advisory, Private Equity & Venture Capital CRM Analyst. 
  • Innovation Lab; Coordinator & Facilitator (Digital Presentation Subject Matter Expert).